Music Psychology and Appreciation

97. Music Psychology and Appreciation

Personal Project Assignment
This project is designed to assist you to create a personal music playlist for self-help or for therapeutic aid (e.g. mood management).
Below is a list of psychological elements to consider for this work. If you have another topic you would like to try, you must confirm it with me before moving ahead. Please note that you need choose only one:
Sleep disorders (insomnia)
Once you have selected your topic, please follow the guidelines below.
Part 1
With specific reference to Dr. Ortiz’s book, The Tao of Music, and William Thompson’s book, Music, Thought and Feeling, write an essay (800 – 1000 words) that introduces your topic, explains why you have chosen it, and how you expect that your choices of music might help you achieve your desired outcomes. Your choices of music must connect to the literature in meaningful ways. Be sure to cite your references when explaining each of your choices and their sequencing.
As part of your paper, include a brief explanation (a sentence or two should suffice) for each music selection outlining why you chose that particular song/piece/excerpt. That is to say, what is about the selection that moves you, or that you find helps you move towards your goal?
Then, gather a minimum of 30 minutes of music using at least six music pieces selected from at least four different music genres. You may use excerpts from longer music pieces, or whole (short) songs/instrumental pieces. (You may create longer playlists if you like, and use more than four genres if you wish.)
Create a playlist of your choices placing them in a logical sequence for maximum effectiveness to accomplish your self-help goals. Copy your playlist on to a USB drive (don’t forget to label it and to bring it to class)!
After you have made your playlist, and listened to it several times, write your conclusions. (i.e. Explain how well your playlist works to accomplish your goals. How would you describe your emotional reactions, or your thoughts while listening to your creation? How and when will you use it?)
Remember to cite all sources accurately and fully using the APA Referencing system. Include proper references for all music selections as well.
you will need to find 6 piece of music and cited, all of them should need a process of treating sleeping disorders, for example,first is excited, second is less excited, third is a little bit make people wants to sleep etc.
Part II
You must have your work ready to present to the class beginning in week 11. Names will be called at random. If you are called and are not ready to present, you will lose 10% of your assignment mark.
Note: you are expected to attend all class presentation dates even if you have already presented your own work. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of 1 mark per missed class.
Presentations will be 7 – 10 minutes in duration: you will not be allowed to go over ten minutes, so be sure to rehearse in advance!
Your presentation must include a description of your topic, your express goals dealing with said topic, and a brief explanation for your music selections.
You must play in their proper order clips of all the music you chose for your playlist. If you have sound editing software, you can prepare the clip sequence ahead of time. Load it onto a USB drive. Play only a short clip of each selection (10 – 15 sec. should be adequate). Please remember not to talk when music is playing. Explain your choice before or right after each clip.
When you are done presenting, remember to hand in your paper and USB key to the professor.
GSSC 1077 Project Marking Rubric (weight: 20% of final grade)
Introduction of topic: 2
Rationale for choosing topic: 5
Depth and breadth of research: 15
Explanations for music selections: 6
Conclusions: 4
Writing mechanics 2
References (APA only) (texts and music): 6
Sub-total: /40
Introduction/rationale for topic 1
Presentation aids (e.g. PP slides) 4
Clarity, comprehensiveness: 4
Demonstrated music/explained goals 2
Clear, logical sequencing of music: 2
Outcomes/conclusions: 3
Kept to time limit: 2
Correct min. # genres: 1
Correct min. # pieces: 1
Sub-total: /20
TOTAL: /60
Comments: ___________________

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