Must be related to the application of U.S. law to the business sector, e.g. Finance Law, Environmental Regulations, etc.

You are encouraged to research a topic of your choosing related to the application of U.S. law to the business sector. This may include a topic in which you are interested and want to learn more, a problem you would like to solve, or an answer or response to a situation.
Your writing should focus on:
(1) Elements and defenses for each of the common law torts.
(2) UCC contract law, including contract formation and appropriate remedies for a breached contract.
(3) Obligations and remedies of buyers and sellers under the UCC, and security interests.
(4) Types of bankruptcy relief, by chapter of the bankruptcy code.
(5) Understand agency relationships.
(6) Advantages and disadvantages of various forms of businesses.
(7) Understand the general concepts of wills and trusts.
(8) Idiosyncrasies of Labor and Employment, administrative, Consumer, and Environmental Law.

APA format must be used for the paper. Research papers will be 6-10 pages in length. Note that 6-10 pages means 6-10 pages of double-spaced typed material with one-inch margins left, right, top and bottom, and Times New Roman, 12-point font. The cover sheet, table of contents, index, pictures, long quotations or multiple quotations will not count toward the 6-10 pages. Students must cite all sources and use a minimum of five in their research papers. Wikipedia cannot be used as a source.


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