My Love For You Is So Embarrasingly

Please read (Page 840) on the book of (The Norton Introduction to Literature Kelly J. Mays)Please read (Page 840) on the book of (The Norton Introduction to Literature Kelly J. Mays) Patricia Cantu
Question1. What do you make of the poem “My Love For You Is So Embarrasingly”? Do you ‘get’ this poem? If so, explain!

Answer this respondThis poem by Todd Boss made me laugh at it’s humor in how he sees his emotion of love. It’s been said that a person can do idiotic things for love. I think this is portrayed well in this poem. First off in refering to himself as groundling which in the footnote is defined as literally someone on the ground. Also defined in the footnote is a groundling as a person of unsophisticated taste. I find this latter definitions works as well in the way he chooses to describe his love. He references the Hindenburg and the Titanic both of which are poor choice in explaining to a loved one (in a sophisticated manner) of the depth of his love. However I can see how him “falling” as the Hindenburg did and “sinking” as the Titanic did in reference to the magnitude of his feelings. Equally amusing is his description of him waving to get her attention from what eventually crashes, noting that she is safe on the ground. This seems to me an attempt to say that his love for her is at a dangerously (embarrassing) level and hers is still safe and steady on the ground. The end of the poem where he says “the ground you take for granted beneath your heels” to me is a pun at her little feelings (if any) for him. Him being the ground that her heels are walking all over. This poem almost resembles a crush. I have the picture in my head of the popular girl in school not noticing the shy boy in school who is infatuated with her.

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