Having read the client brief develop a 2500- word report that addresses
the following questions
1. How should NASC create awareness for its two brands globally? How could it use
Social media whilst differentiating from its competitors? What are the European
regulations for Alcohol marketing online?

2. How could Blue Harbour and Wild Wombat Penetrate the European markets and
jump-start sales? Create a step by step plan for entering the UK market.

3. How could NASC manage its European marketing campaign whilst Minimizing costs

The analysis should be anchored around practical and theoretical concepts

Avoid descriptive narratives and move towards a more analytical and reasoned piece of

Varied perspectives should be used to reach particular conclusions.
notes for assignment 1

2 main aspects:

what penetrative strategies should they use in the uk but also in the

European market

marketing, branding and creating awareness, how does it do it?

In order to do it please benchmark (use comparative analysis)

Have some form of primary data

No strategic recommendation, more option, risk reward ratio analysis or

cost-benefit analysis

(take in consideration- time, resources) how do you put it in practice

Scenario planning

Risk reward ratio- quantitative, collect statistical data, predicted return,

predicted costs

Qualitative, create a coding matrix, you determine what you believe is a

reward and what you believe is a risk, than conduct research, questionnaire,


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