National customs and Business customs

QUESTION 2 National customs and business customs are closely interrelated. In what way do we
expect the two areas to coincide and in what ways do they show differences? How could such areas
of similarity and difference be identified and leveraged for business success? Use examples. Be
specific use the two texts to guide you and any other source. Western European Management
(2017.07.11 03:50:43) Management Coursework (writing) Books: Global Comparative Management
A Functional Approach by Ralph Edfelt com. ua/books?id=vxl WH_MuuLOC&
pg=PA 72&ng=PA 72&
q=Global962oComparative962oManagement963A 962oA 962oFunctional962oApproach&f=false Meyer.
Erin. The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business.



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