New Deal in Texas

For this essay, I would like for you all to think about the importance of the New Deal and to see how it affected communities. Specifically, I would like for you all to look at the New Deal in San Antonio or the wider state of Texas.
First, briefly explain what the New Deal was. What was the purpose behind it? Why was it a necessity for the time period? Did America have any other choice than widespread government relief agencies?
Next, visit this website and look through some of the projects that were performed in Texas during the New Deal. Try to focus on San Antonio projects, but if there is another city you want to look at or are familiar with, that’s fine.
Pick one of the projects and explain what it was. What agency sponsored the project? What was the purpose of the project other than to put people to work? Did it have historical significance? Artistic significance? Practical significance? How much did it cost? How many workers were needed to complete the project? What was the time frame that the work lasted?
Finally talk about the lasting impact of that New Deal project on the city. Is it now a tourist attraction? Does it still provide historical, artistic, or practical significance? Is it no longer maintained?

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