New York Wholesale Jewelry #2


The article should be very detailed and laser focused on the actual topic. You should use names, nouns, and adjectives that show that you are writing specifically on the topic. In other words, the article should use examples instead of generic nouns. Instead of saying something like, a nice store, use the name of a store. Instead of saying something like, a jewelry designer, use the name of an actual jewelry designer. If the article sounds too general because it doesn’t have unique information, unfortunately I won’t be able to accept it. Think of how a magazine or newspaper would write an article about the topic. The writer should use examples, names of specific places, organizations, businesses, or products, as applicable. Demonstrate in your article that you actually researched the topic and share the information you found. If your article is about a business, then include their contact details, address, and in your own words describe what they sell, and what makes them unique.

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