98. NEXEN Inc.

Final Term Report
To compile the final report, each team member will add his or her individual document on one of the functions of management. These documents will then need to be integrated into one final cohesive report. Your work must be word-processed and presented in a professional manner. You are advised to carefully proofread the work for spelling and grammatical errors and refine the body of your report to NO MORE THAN 10 DOUBLE SPACED PAGES per report. The minimum acceptable font size is 10 point.
Each report MUST include a cover title page, a table of contents, an executive summary, introduction, body, conclusions and recommendations, appendices (if appropriate) and a bibliography. APA referencing should be used for all in text citations and references. The report should be submitted unbound and stapled in the upper-left corner. An electronic copy should be submitted to the professor via Moodle.
Content of Report
Be selective about what you choose to report on as you cannot include all the information you collect. Think about three to five points that you feel are most pertinent for the reader to know and use examples to illustrate your points (supplementary material to support your findings may be included in appendices to your report if needed).
A research report should consist of factual information that you find on the company as well as your own analysis of this information. The concepts, theories and models you learn in class and from the textbook will provide you with the tools you require to analyze the company.
P.s. I will send a file has all information about the project.

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