The instructions are below.


The title of this project should be professional; the title should not be Interprofessional Collaboration Project. It should reflect the topic of the paper and not the topic of the assignment.


interprofessional collaboration project.
interprofessional collaboration has been identified as essential to the delivery of safe, effective and patient-centered health care(baker et al,2008). as healthcare organizations utilize more collaborative education to help support this collaboration within practice upon graduation(Baker et al, 2008).

the purpose of this assignment is to
1, substantiate the importance of interprofessional collaboration within healthcare.
2, Emphasize the impact interprofessional collaboration can have upon safe, effective, patient centered care
3, enable you an opportunity to create a project that involves interprofessional collaboration which you can use to help support optimal care of patients at your place of employment.

**** before beginning this assignment read the articles for background and reference.
a. Rose,L (2011). interprofessional collaboration in the ICU: how to define? Nursing in critical care,16(1),5-10.
b, Rice, K, Zwarenstein,M., conn.L.,Kenaszchuk,c,., Russell,A., &Reeves,S(2010). An intervention to improve interprofessional collaboration and communication: A comparative qualitative study. Journal of interprofessional care,24(4), 350 doi 103109/13561820903550713.
c, Mann, K, Sargeant,J.,& Hill, T. (2009). Knowlege translationin interprofessional education
d, Baker, C, Pulling C, McGraw,R , dagone (2008)


Please prform additional literature seach to fully understand interprofessional collaboration and the impact the intraprofesional communication and collaboration has upon patient care.

Research your project idea in order to obtain evidence based data to substantiate your idea.

specific details.

the project is to enable you use your creativity to think outside the box.

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in other to uptain full experience spend time with therapist, medical assistance respiratory therapist physicians dieticient pharmacist etc.

design your project as if there is a true posibility that it can be utilized at your job site.

creat a project that you feel would be beneficial to patients and families that involves interprofessional collaboration and support interprofessional collaboration.