Based on previous paper about CDPAP (see attached) please ONLY submit the following: research question/hypothesis, method design, and sampling method. Use guidelines (when responding think about the following questions)
1. Research Question or Hypothesis (it should take whole one paragraph, do not just state the research question, but lead to it):
• Is the research question or hypothesis clearly stated?
• Is it a logical statement that progresses from what is known or believed to be true to that which is unknown and requires validation?
• Is the question too broad?
2. The Study Method/Design:
• Think about the purpose of the research question or hypothesis. Is it to generate a theory? To test a theory? Or to explore a theory?
• Depending on the question it will guide what method to be used.
3. The Sampling Method:
• Was the selection process congruent with the research method?
• Is the sample size in alignment with the selected research method?


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