Nursing Discussion


a. Select a theory from a discipline other than nursing.
b. Discuss how that theory could support your PICO question problem area and project. c. Discuss the theory origin, concepts, propositions, empirical adequacy, and pragmatic adequacy.

PICOT question: Will the use of PHQ scale identify and reduce the rate of readmission of depressed patients on an in-patient psychiatry unit? Using the PICOT acronym, my potential components to address my clinical problem are as follows:
Population of interest (P)- Depressed patients (adult population) admitted on an in-patient psychiatric unit at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center (CVAMC).
Intervention (I) -The use of Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) depression scale to predict and reduce readmission rate on an in-patient psychiatric unit. Manea et. al., (2012) relayed that the PHQ scale is a reliable and valid tool in carrying out the diagnosis of depression among individuals.
Comparison intervention or group (C)- This could be inpatient admission of patients without the diagnosis of depression on the medical unit. However, this group may not be included in the study.
Outcome (O)- The outcome of the intervention is to predict and reduce the rate of re-hospitalization among depressed patients on the In-Patient Psychiatry unit and serve as an important tool in guiding treatment decisions.

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