Nursing Seminar

Seminar Project

The project outcome will be the development of a plan for a day-long seminar on ‘Practice development in nursing and midwifery’.The plan should include eight abstracts for seminar presentations, each of around 250 words, to cover various aspects of practice change and practice development. I wish to focus on Collaborative Practice Development and the Benefits.

The theme for the seminar will revolve around the acronym CPR DRSABC to break up the abstracts but relate to Collaborative Practice/Practice Development/Leadership.

Write in the process of background, purpose, focus, overview/content.

So the abstracts are about:

Collaborative Practice Development



Responsibility of the Team

Supervision (Clinical)

Active Listening

Being a Leader

Coaching and Mentoring

References must be scholarly journal articles – 2 to 3 journals per abstract.

  1. Cardio pulmonarydefined as the heart is connected with the lungs= Abstract One: Collaborative Practice Development. Relating to CPD we are working together in synergy to transform nursing practice


  1. Resuscitationdefined as revived from unconsciousness or apparent death.=Abstracts Two: Reflection We often need to awaken our minds from an unconscious state to be able to reflect


  1. Abstract Three: Danger is defined as liability or exposure to harm or risk=Design/Delivery The way we deliver care and work in partnership can reduce danger to patients eg. Risk Matrix


  1. Abstract Four: Responseis defined in CPR as is the patient answering or appears to react = Responsibility of teamThe team needs to respond to the tasks and react to these tasks within a timeframe. We need to be responsive to work as a team.
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  1. Abstract Five: Send for Helpcan be defined as asking for help for the best outcomes for your health and the best practice outcomes for the client= Supervision (Clinical) is working in small groups with a facilitator to support practice and enhance patient outcomes.


  1. Abstract Six: Airway can be defined as the ventilating passage Is the airway clear or is something blocking this  = Active Listening is reflecting on what a patient has said and respond appropriately ensuring that there is no blockage in allowing them to communicate and they feel supported as we may need to support an airwayto remain open.


  1. Abstract Seven: Breathingcan be defined taking air in and expelling from the CPR we observe for signs of breathing and listening = Being a Leader One must listen and be a visionary by inhaling and when exhale people want to follow. An effective leader works with each individual and the team in sync as is breathing. It should occur rhythmically and without effort. When breathing becomes irregular a leader needs to have the emotional intelligence to respond.


  1. Abstract Eight: Coaching and Mentoring This should be a positive experience for students or staffand should not cause them to have anxiety stress etc causing circulatory problems that may lead to resignation and negative patient outcomes