Obama Care

– Discuss a policy from the book or something we have talked about in class. – Example would be Obama care. – If you are not sure just ask me. – Background of the policy. – What was the issue surrounding the policy are (supporters/ opposers) – Where does the policy stand today and where do you believe it will end up in the future. – Do you agree or disagree with how this policy is developing. – Use at least two sources, and works cited page which does NOT count towards your page limit. – 4 double spaced pages, Times new roman fond. IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW: • Below is a list of ten things I want you to incorporate two of these in your paper trying to relate them to the case at hand. • If you do not put these two in the paper I will reduce your grade on the paper by 10 percent. • For example a 90 paper becomes an 80 paper. • Be creative! • Duck Dynasty, Kate Middelton, Johnny Manziel, Denzel Washington, Amanda Bynes, Bret Bielema, Tyler Perry, The Hunger Games, Carrie Underwood, Jimmy Fallon.

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