Online Discussion

12. Online Discussion

As discussed in Tutorial 2, in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Linford Christie (in a media conference) wore Puma contact lenses prior to the 100m final (see image below). Puma generated media coverage of over US$1 million as the images were portrayed in international media. This is a classic case of a brand using a publicity stunt to reach audiences through various media.
Linford 1 Linford 2
Upload ONE case study (and related images) using a publicity stunt. Provide a brief overview and outline if it was it a success or failure? Support your answer with evidence sourced from a variety of academic references and professional sources (apply the Harvard referencing format here). Also, check each other’s main posting and avoid uploading similar case studies. Thereafter, comment on each other’s posts.
Note: a publicity stunt is a planned event designed to attract media attention to the promoters or their cause. For this task focus on a brand, product or service organising a newsworthy event designed to attract coverage from various media, resulting in either increased awareness, influencing public perception, sales increase or any other set objectives. Refer to this statement when evaluating its success.



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