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Assessment criteria


The task is to think of a new mobile app and submit mobile APP development portfolio, which should include the following four elements:

1. 1500 word (maximum) description of a mobile APP and its functions, analysis of its place in the marketplace and any ethical and/or legal issues you needed to consider with your APP design and the data stored for the APP;;

2. A business model canvas for your APP;;


3. A storyboard showing how a user would use your APP, this must show how the functions work for the user;;

4. A design of your APP, this can be achieved by using the APP template used in the seminar.


You will need to give accurate references:
• To give credit to other authors’ concepts and ideas
• To provide the reader (often the marker/examiner of the assignment) with evidence
of the breadth and depth of your reading
• To enable the readers of your work to locate the references easily
• To avoid being accused of plagiarism, an academic offence, which can lead to vloss of marks, module failure or in severe cases exclusion from the University.



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