Operations Management

Assignment Outline:
This is an exercise in recognising the role/effect of Operations Management/Strategy in the business environment. As a trigger for your investigation you could use articles/ reports from newspapers/magazines/reports about a company or companies in an industry sector. Your investigation should focus on events in 2014-16.

This is an individual assignment, to be an original piece of work, written in your own words.

Use Operations Strategy /Operations Management concepts which have been discussed in the Operations Management modules to provide a framework for your analysis of the operations management issues relating to the examples you have chosen.

Write a report (maximum 3000 words) in which you discuss:
• The theoretical basis of your analysis
• Show how it applies to your chosen examples
• Include copies of your articles in the appendices.


The report should include appropriate referencing. See next page for detailed outline of requirements for the report.


The report should contain the following components:
Assignment Report Format/ Content Value:

10% Introduction
Choice of Film Company or Film Industry
Issues/situation affecting the Film Company or Film Industry
The issues which will be addressed in the report.
Choice of Analytical concepts/models/tools proposed for the analysis


10% Description of Issues/Situation under analysis
Such as:
Who, as appropriate, showing how they affect the Film Company or Film Industry


40% Analysis
Apply appropriate concepts/models/tools to the issues being considered, and report the information derived from the analysis.


30% Evaluation
Has the company/ industry been successful or unsuccessful in addressing the issues?
You may consider:
Has it or did it choose the right approach to dealing with the issues being faced?
How well the solution/approach meets the needs of the future?

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10% Quality of the report
Including: (reporting structure, ease of accessibility, and appropriate referencing).