Opioid Use For Pain Management


Opioid Use For Pain Management: Part 4.
Write a 5 page paper in which you address the following for your issue resolutions:

Legal and regulation considerations of each resolution
Include one legal case as supporting evidence for each resolution.
Include one existing regulation as supporting evidence for each resolution.
Global factors associated with each resolution
Final recommendation
Implementation plan
Communication strategy
Media outlet(s)
Central message
Target audience
Supporting organizations
Information dissemination process
Evaluation plan
Define outcomes
Plan to evaluate outcomes
Quantitative or qualitative approach
Program sustainability approach
Monitor cost
Meeting accreditation standards
Ethical conflict
Reporting results
Cite at least 4 scholarly articles

APA formatting should be used within your paper, reference, and title pages.


Also, consolidate and format Parts I-IV into a policy brief.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit Part IV and your policy brief.


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