Palestine Affairs

108. Palestine Affairs

The topic should relate to revising the 2002 arab peace initiative to determine the arab league’s position on what forms a "just solution" as well as to the arab spring’s influence on the peace plan’s operation,
The first paragraph should talk about how the topic is important for the committee to address and why does palestine care about the topic and what’s palestine’s policy on the topic.
The second paragraph should state whether or not the topic is an issue to palestine and what actions has palestine taken to address the issue on a national level.
The third paragraph should talk about and include whether or not palestine addressed the issue on an international level, what actions has palestine taken on the issue of an international level, what conventions, treaties and resolutions has palestine supported on this issue and any quotes from government official on this issue.
The forth paragraph should state what role would palestine like to see the international community take to address the problem

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