Paper 1: Persuasion and Advertising


As I have mentioned in class several times, social psychology is

all around us. We spent Chapter 7 discussing attitude change

and persuasion. The purpose of this writing assignment is to
demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of persuasive
communications and apply them to advertisements.


You will need to find 3 printed advertisements (from magazines,

newspapers, etc.).

0 The first advertisement should be an example of persuasion
through the central route.

The second advertisement should be an example of persuasion
through the peripheral route.

The third advertisement should be an example of persuasion
using emotional appeals.

Your paper will consist of 3 sections:

Introduction: Discuss cognitively-based attitudes and
affectively-based attitudes. Then discuss the elaboration
likelihood model, central/peripheral routes, and explain how
the ELM relates to cognitively-based attitudes. Finally,
discuss when a persuasive communication is going to be most
successful in changing the audience’s attitude through the
central route and the peripheral route.

Myflz Using the advertisements you have selected, explain
why each of these are examples of the persuasion techniques
mentioned above. For example, if you have picked a Macy’s
advertisement as an example of persuasion through the central
route, you need to explain why it’s attempting to persuade the
audience through that route. Be sure to discuss what
characteristics or information in the advertisement go along
with that persuasion technique.

Conclusions: Give some final thoughts about persuasion and

Formatting guidelines:

Use APA style guidelines (i.e., typed, 12-pt Times New Roman
font, double-spacing, and l-inch margins all around).

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