Parental spying on their children

English 1102English 1102Writing Project 2Fall 2017
In this unit we have read and discussed literature related to the family unit.  For this paper, your objective is to closely examine the elements we have studied in the literature.  Both your primary source must be appropriately documented in MLA format (including, but not limited to, heading, header, in-text citations, works cited page).Choose one, or an equally compelling idea• Parental advice• Parental spying on their children• Avenging a lost parent• Sacrifice / Selfishness in parents• Death as a unifying event• Siblings• Relationship between love and hate• Raising a boy versus a girl (double standard)• Love’s role (or absence) in a relationship
 Maintain the literary present tense Avoid 1st or 2nd person pronouns (I, me, we, you) Citing a work in an anthology: In-text citation guidelines: Minimum Length: three FULL pages of analysis  (thus, 2 ½  ≠ 3, and points will be deducted)

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