Part II: DOM Project

You will have a choice between three Demonstration of Mastery Projects. You
may develop an Executive Summary Board Presentation, a series of School
Leadership Podcasts, a 1st 90 Days Planning Manual, or another project of your
choosing approved by your Leadership Coach. The DOM Project you select
should demonstrates high levels of creativity, professionalism and effectively
utilize technology/media to maximize impact. As this is a Masters level project,
you are expected to be innovative and develop a project that reflects your
knowledge and personal learning style. For additional guidance, please reach
out to your Leadership Coach.
Select one of the following projects:
● Executive Summary Board Presentation
● A series of School Leadership Podcasts
● A 1st 90 Days Planning Manual (can be a pdf, electronic
resource, website, etc.)
● Or another project of your choosing approved by your
Leadership Coach 
Regardless of the project you select, it should be clear
you have addressed/incorporated/encompassed the following prompts
within your project. 
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You will demonstrate your knowledge of the PLOs, by
presenting your DOM project to your Leadership Coach and cohort. This
presentation should be scholarly, well organized, succinct and engage the
audience. You will be expected to respond to specific follow-up questions
based on the DOM Prompts. Your presentation should showcase your
project and be no longer than 15 minutes in length.
How is my DOM Project scored?