Participant-Observation Assignment:Visit the Bay in Vancouver

7. Participant-Observation Assignment:Visit the Bay in Vancouver

– Visit the Bay in Vancouver and gather as much CULTURAL INFORMATION as possible
– WITHOUT interviewing any one
– Provide a DETAILED description of the material setting, i.e.,the physical place. Describe the nature of the location and where it is found, and what it is (mall-The Bay), what it looks like, and what the material conditions, appearance and physical arrangements of the place you chose are.
– Describe the social setting, i.e. who the actors are, what type of activities take place and how, and what kind of social relations bring people to that particular setting, or anything else you may add in this respect.
– Describe the meanings and ideational nature of the cultural activities you are observing in terms of both the emic and the etic perspectives, i.e. from the emit viewpoint describe what the actors, consciously or unconsciously, claim is the nature of their activities; and from the etic point of view describe what you, as the observer, believe is the nature and grounds for their activities. Since you are not allowed to interview people, you may use inferential claims based on your personal experience to describe the emic perspective.
– Two page long (No longer than that)
– Double space
– Typed in 12 point font Times New Romans
– one separate paper for Work Cited.


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