Paypal vs Payu


The research is about two multinational companies: Paypal company vs Payu company at these parts:

a) ID card: Year of establishment, number of countries/markets entered, head and regional head office locations, year of entering Turkey, mode of entering Turkey, number of employees (worldwide and in Turkey), type of ownership, % of foreign capital, top management profile,
sales, market share, market position in Turkey(2013, 2014, 2015). Feel free to add anything else you deem relevant/important.
Prepared as a table with each SBU/MNC in a separate column.

b) Brand Architecture: (Brand map): The number of global/foreign/local brands in the brand portfolio; the % of local brands in the portfolio etc. Identifying all brands owned/marketed in Turkey, identifying leading brands not launched in Turkey, why?
Prepared as a Figure or Table.

c) Target market specification: Identifying the core target in Turkey; comparison to core target
in major markets.

Please be specific and clear in the paper and do not forget to add the references


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