Pedagogy for Practice

This is a 300 words Pedagogy for Practice. please make sure that you do the readings required for this Please read case Study 4: ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ – A Story of Sustainability Education pp. 43-49 The final report on research undertaken by Somerville, M., Power, K., Dollin, Gray, T., Gannon, S., Birrell, C., Brown, L. (2015). NOTE: ONLY READ PAGES 43-49 FROM THE UPLOADED FILE AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN 300 WORDS. The project is placed within the Science Syllabus. Identify aspects from this project that could also be aligned with the Geography K-6 Syllabus. Support your discussion by identifying some of big ideas from the HSIE syllabus that would best suit this project. Think about the importance of developing a curious mind when teaching Geography for the inquiry process. List 3 most interesting parts you found about this project. List 2 ‘takeaway’ ideas you would like to use when teaching HSIE. List 1 aspect in this project that you would like to know more about.

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