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-There is a presentation file at below , we presented at class this powerpoint
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– class name is “Consumer Behaviour ”
this is an example reflection
Our group chose to do the 1960s thinking that it would be somewhat easier to do. In hindsight we should of chose a more recent decade because while it was easy to research what was happening in the 60s, it was a lot harder to find specific information about Borax in the 60s. However, I didn’t find too much difficulty in implementing my knowledge into our project. There was a lot going on during the 1960s, the Vietnam War was in full effect and social movements were radically beginning. Starting with the Civil Rights Movement and then later on Woman began protesting for more gender equality. During this time the roles of women were traditional and the same as they had been for centuries. They no longer wanted to stay in the house and cook and clean, they wanted to break away from those stereotypes and enter the workforce. Having said all that, the majority of woman in the 1960s were still in their traditional roles. In 1960, only 7 percent had a bachelor’s degree and among those 7%, only 30 % were employed (Bella DePaulo Ph.D.). As a result, Borax was still targeting women in their commercials using actress Rosemary DeCamp as their spokesperson showing how to use the product as she teaches her daughter how to do laundry. It was then easy to decipher how the company marketed the product as a result.
For my part of the project I did the market analysis and attention getting methods. Using what I learned from this class about product involvement, I was able to determine that laundry detergent is not a highly involved purchased. Therefor the market segmentation was easy to use because everybody uses detergent. Digging deeper, I was able to find that the demographic segmentation was targeted toward women ages 30+ with children who come from middle class lifestyles. Geographically I was able to determine that they were segmenting people of the pacific coast because that is were they mined the chemical borax, in Death Valley. Also Borax owned a television production company that aired the Borax ads during the television program Death Valley Days. For the market size, I found that 90% of woman living in 1960 ages 30+ had children (Bella DePaulo Ph.D.). Given the demographic segmentation, this shows that there is a large portion of the market that needs to be fulfilled. For market trends, as said earlier, the Women’s Right Movement was going on and woman no longer wanted to be in the house, therefore, Borax’s market plan will have to change to not be so stereotypical of traditional gender roles. Instead of using ads with woman teaching their daughters how to do laundry, the must change to possibly showing kids playing outside and getting their clothes dirty and how borax will be able to make the stains disappear. I also found that most companies during this time produced powdered laundry detergent and seeing how in today’s society, we use liquid detergent and pods to do our laundry. Therefore there is a market opportunity for borax to switch to liquid detergent from the powder. Another part of the market analysis is the SWOT analysis. Borax’s strengths are that it has been an established brand for nearly a quarter of a century. They have loyal customers who have been using this product since 1891. Also it is a good quality detergent and they have easy access of advertising through the Death Valley Days. Borax’s weakness is that there are many different laundry detergents and there is nothing special they can do to differentiate from their competitors. As previously stated, they have an opportunity to be the first brand to switch to a liquid detergent. Finally, Borax’s threats are the many competitors in the market and also they have to find a way to make sure their product is safe to use because there are a multitude of chemicals involved in making laundry detergent.
I also did the attention getting methods of the project. This was much easier to do because I was able to watch a commercial and then see how they were grabbing the attention of customers. First, they used actors such as Rosemary DeCamp and future president Ronald Reagan as the spokespeople of their products. People who are fans of these actors will likely purchase the product as a result of seeing them use it. In addition in the commercials they used phrases like “cuts grease, loosens dirt” and “any color fabric is safe.” These phrases show the benefits of using the product and grab the attention of consumers.
Overall I thought this project was fun to do. I like how it was a group project but we were able to all do our own part individually. We were able to meet up a bunch and discuss research but being able to fill everything out individually helped because everyone has their own opinions of what should be done and making each section of the presentation individually helps add a unique spin on everything. I don’t really have any criticism about this project and I think it was pretty self explanatory, however it wasn’t really a well known product and finding information about it specific to my time period was extremely difficult to do.

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