Personal statement for admission to Law Review is needed for a 2nd year law student.

She was a lawyer in Ukraine clerking for a judge, and on her way to becoming a judge when political unrest made it necessary to leave with her young son for the US. Fully fluent in 4 languages, including English, she gained admission to law school, has made top grades against her American counterparts, notwithstanding the slight language barrier, been hired by a prestigous law firm for summer employment, is negotiating the immigration process alone with her young son. A high motivated and competent person in all she does.

She needs to convey her qualities, and describe why she should be on law review. Below is a short statement regarding the rules.

A creative and attention grabbing statement is desired. The draft sent is for informational purposes and possible themes only and not a guide.


. Personal Statement
• The Drexel Law review finds strength in the diverse experience of our staff members. This is an opportunity to recount your experiences, and how they will inform your participation on the law review. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your unique qualifications and experiences not apparent in your note, and why you want to be a law review staff member.
• For some applicants, your invitation will depend upon this statement. Please take this portion seriously.
• Though we want to hear about your unique experiences, please speak generally to maintain anonymity as much as possible.
o Do say
 “As an editor of my college paper, I learned to write and edit collaboratively.”
o Don’t say
 “As an editor of the Harvard Crimson, I learned to write and edit collaboratively.”
o Do say
 “As a student athlete, I learned the value of teamwork.”
o Don’t say
 “As the quarterback for the Harvard Crimson, I learned the value of teamwork.”
• The personal statement should not exceed 500 words
• Submission Format:
o The personal statement must include your anonymous competition ID number on each page in the top left corner and in the file name (i.e., 123456-personal statement). Be sure your name is not on the document; if it is, it will result in disqualification.
o The Note and personal statement must be uploaded as two separate documents using the

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