Phenylthiocarbamide(PTC) Project Proposal

1. The main goal of the proposal is to outline an experiment that will be conducted during the laboratory time to gather data for an article each student will submit to the Genetics Lab Journal. This proposal should demonstrate to the reader that the proposer is knowledgeable in the subject area and has a valid scientific hypothesis he or she would like to test. These proposals are peer reviewed within lab time by groups and by the Genetics Lab Journal editor, your section TA. The proposal should conform significantly to the following guidelines. Introduction: This section should engage the reader and demonstrate the background material about the subject. Additionally, the introduction should state a hypothesis or series of hypotheses based on the background literature that can be answered or tested in class. The introduction should be identical to the introduction of you lab reports in that: (1) the subject is introduced (2) a gap or question in the literature is identified and (3) a hypothesis is proposed (see how to write a lab report for further guidance). Your introduction should contain references to primary literature to help support your hypothesis. Your introduction should also be arranged in a way that guides the reader from a broad introduction to a specific hypothesis. Methods: This section should describe in adequate detail the experimental design that you plan to use. It is very important that the details are thought out in a thorough manner so that anyone can use your description to repeat the entire experiment, including statistical analysis. This section will also be very similar to the materials and methods section you will write in your lab reports. Diagrams are also a valid and informative way of demonstrating an experimental design and you may want to include some if it will enhance the clarity of your proposal. Work Cited: Your work cannot exist in a vacuum, so it will be necessary to demonstrate where your information comes from. The references you cite in the introduction should be listed here. You will use this section again in your final lab report. 2. here is the link where you can find backgound information sources to write the introduction and Method setion for the proposal. 3. I will add a list of Material that will be available for the research if the proposal is granted. 4 I will attach the format as to how the proposal needs to be written. 5. Please use in text citation and remain on topic 6. My interest of this study is to find “Distribution for Ptc among Fiu students. 7.Grading Rubric for introduction: Clear, references the background literature properly and engages the reader. A short review of previous literature illustrates clearly the question to be studied. Leads to the major question/hypothesis the study aims to answer. Aims of the study are clear in relation to previous literature, cited sources. 20 points Methods: Proper formatting and contains all necessary information for experiment to be replicated. Proper verb tense is used. Names and type of scientific equipment are given. Masses and volumes are labeled using the metric system. Written in the student’s own words without excess information. 20 points 8. The sources has to be primary sources from Article listed from the link in #2 9.Introduction: Background information, the discovery of PTC and genetics are considered common knowledge and do not need to be discussed. This section should lead the reader into the literature gap and give reason for proposed project.

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