Answer questions 1-2 in the numeric order they are given and in the order of their lettered parts. When you answer each question make sure you identify it by writing for example “2(b) Fanon claims…” Each question is worth 30 pts. each.

1. Enrique Dussel makes a distinction between (a) being different vs. (b) lo distinto (being distinct). (1a)What is the difference between these 2 notions according to Dussel? You must briefly explain and give one example of each to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts.

2. In chapter 10 Afro-Caribbean philosopher Frantz Fanon tries to liberate himself from the coloniality of images. He makes 2 attempts at liberation and ends by crying. (2a)What 2 strategies of liberation does Fanon adopt? Identify Fanon’s 2 attempts at liberation. You must cite 2 pieces of textual evidence indicating the 2 distinct strategies of liberation Fanon employs. (2b) What is the problem with the 1st attempt? Briefly explain. (2c)What are 3 problems with Fanon’s 2nd attempt at liberation? Clearly identify the 3 problems with Fanon’s 2nd attempt at liberation from the coloniality of images. You must use textual evidence to show you have accurately identified the 3 problems with Fanon’s 2nd attempt.

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