Physical Geography

The essay will focus on the impact that physical geography had on shaping the earliest civilizations of the world. Physical geography belongs to the brach of natural science. It is the study of things related to the surface of the earth such as climate, rivers, oceans, landforms, and more Physical geography is important because it can influence the development ofcultures, societies and nations. For example, the Nile River influenced the development of ancient Egypt along with other cultures. Societies had to evolve, apat to the enviroment around them in order to survive. Explain how physical geography impacted the development of ancient cultures. How does geography still impact the development of society today?
I. Introduction. What is physical geography?
II. Mesopotamia. First Civilization
III. Ways of Life. Ancient Egypt
IV. Making a living. Ancient Egypt
V. Ideas and attitudes. Ancient Egypt
VI. Ways of Life. Ancient Greece
VII. Making a living. Ancient Greece
VIII. Ideas and attitudes. Ancient Greece
IX. Ancient and Modern Egyptian Physical Geography and Ancient and Modern Greek
X. Physical Geography
XI. Conclusion



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