Post Modern Approach to Family Therapy


For this assignment, you will complete a clinical case study, using as your hypothetical clients characters in a movie that has as its main topic the issue of mental illness. Your case study should be approximately 10-15 pages and illustrate the strengths and challenges of incorporating use of the recovery model into work as a postmodern therapist. Choose one of the three postmodern approaches and in your case study address the following:
1) History of the case
2) Diagnosis
3) Therapeutic approach – Describe and define the major assumptions, goals and interventions of the chosen approach
4) The recovery approach – Describe and define the major assumptions, goals and interventions of the recovery model.
5) A treatment plan to illustrate how you will work with the client(s) using both the chosen post-modern approach and the recovery model.
6) A description of the first one or two sessions giving samples of the specific dialogue between the therapist and client(s)
7) A discussion of how use of the recovery model both contributes to the treatment of the client but can create philosophical challenges.
Here is a list of movies. Please choose one for your case study. All of the movies are available through Netflix, your local video store, and in many cases, can be found at your local public library. If for some reason you cannot access one of these movies, you may propose another option to your instructor. Once approval from the instructor is obtained you can proceed with this assignment.
50 First Dates, Rainman, Ordinary People, What About Bob, A Beautiful Mind, Fatal Attraction, White Oleander, I Am Sam

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