power and control of underdog

Human beings often are put in positions of power over others: teachers and students, parents and children, police and citizens. Sometimes, those in positions of power manage control appropriately, and other times, chaos ensues because those in power are outnumbered and outsmarted by those they supposedly have control over. Malcolm Gladwell shows that the underdog can often take over the power and control. As you reflect on your own opinions about power and control, as well as your reactions to the stories in the Gladwell text, consider some historical and modern day power struggles. In each of the cases below, the underdog in the situation rose up against the power in control. 1. The Trayvon Martin shooting in Miami Gardens, Florida 2. The Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri 3. The Oskar Schindler Story In this essay of approximately 2000 words, select one of the topics above and answer the question: “Does the underdog effectively rise up against the power in control? How


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