Powerpoint selling an IT Security Awareness Program


Looking for a Powerpoint presentation to “sell” a fictitious information security awareness program. You will need to describe human behaviors that pose risks to organizations, why humans demonstrate these behaviors, and how a security awareness program could address some of the organizational factors that lead to human error, which in turn negatively impacts the security posture of an organization. Each slide will use the comments section to address the elements. Comments must be in complete sentences. Writing must be free of plagiarism, and all sources should be cited using APA. The program will be based on a real organization, meaning some research will be required.
I’ve got a document which gives all the specifics, so you’ll know exactly what’s needed.
Project Type: One-time project
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
1. Are you familiar with what an information security awareness program is and does?
2. Do you have an IT experience/knowledge/background? If so, please briefly explain.

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