Preliminary Summative Assignment 1

Students are required to undertake a “size-up” of their assigned firm. This entails developing an understanding of: the core business(es) of their assigned firm; the impact of the economy and the firm’s competitive context; and a comparison of key financial ratios with those of its competitors. From these analyses, students should be able to articulate a sense of the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, future directions, needs, and the strategic challenges facing the firm. In this assignment, students should understand: a) How the company makes revenues? Explain in plain text, i.e., “company xxx is an integrated extractive service provider” does not really explain how it generates revenues. b) Who are customers? c) Where are customers? d) What are some key economic indicators for this company? e) Will the macro economic environment favourable to this company in the future? f) Who are competitors? g) What are the company’s SWOT relative to the competitors and what strategies differentiate this firm from its competition?

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