Prescription drug system IN Australia ONLY

24. Prescription drug system IN Australia ONLY

This assignment is going to worth 20% of my final grade, it is going to be talking about the Prescription Drug System In Australia ONLY. Please do not include other country than Australia. i have placed an order about the Prescription Drug System In CANADA and the previous writer has mixed the countries in that assignment and i failed it, so i do not want to fail this one too. i will be uploading two files the first file is an instruction of the assignment in full please READ that carefully in order to do this assignment perfect. The other file is my previous assignment that i have done through SuperiorPapers (Prescription Drug System In Canada) and i failed it because of the poor writing and plagiarism and poor referencing, so please read it and see what the writer’s mistakes in order to avoid them in this order. please do not forget to reference things that have to be referenced to avoid plagiarism.i really do not know what to say i really want this order to be done as high quality as possible to score an A at least with taking that i have failed the first one. Also, i will be texting you in the messages so please reply once you got my message, to keep me on track with you.Please accept my frustration because I am really so sad because of failing that order i do not want to be in that situation again.

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