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The brand is helmed by president and chief executive officer Ralph J. Polese, former president of Gucci Korea; with Michael Michalsky as its main designer. The company has offices in eight countries with over 270 boutiques worldwide in 30 countries. Its’ range of products included luxury handbag collection and vintage briefcases, as well as its men’s bag products and gloves.
It founded in 1976 by Michael Cromer, German brand MCM (Mode Creation Munich) crafts Luxury leather goods, apparel and footwear for the world’s most seasoned travelers.
It succeed in the 80’s because of the innovative materials and unique design, it attracted many people. However, in the process of the expansion of the brand, they met some trouble such as they didn’t quick response to market changes, they has not made sufficient preparations and had some scandals (ex. Fake products and escape the tax). It cause the company’s profits decline and as time goes by, they not popular anymore.
In 2005, a women change the company’s destiny, she purchased the Mode Creation
Munich Company. Sung Joo Kim Sung is a Chief Visionary Officer and Chairperson of
Luxury Fashion Brand MCM Holdings AG & Sungjoo Group.
Rich industry experience
Before Sung-Joo kim bought the MCM, she has been successful to bring the YSL and Gucci to the Asian market. So, For marketing she has very good experience. That is very helpful of promotion the brand MCM to the Asian market.
2. Advertising Promotions
In Promotional objectives , she did not use the traditional ways for TV advertising or fashion show. She think use this ways only can Increase the burden of the customer. She realized that the influence in Asia of south Korean’s fashion. She use the TV Product Placement and cooperate with South Korean’s star, Attract the attention of fans and buy the product. At same time. Sung-Joo kim quickly to open the stores in Asian countries, so that customer can bought at the first time. Thus MCM sales rising rapidly. In addition, she use the same way to promotion the MCM in Europe, US and other countries, MCM’s stores are all over the world. She appointed the new designer Adrian J. Margelist for MCM’s Creative Director, start to launched new products.
Leadership and leadership style
In Sung-Joo Kim ‘s leadership style, she think that the details decides products’ quality. She said her motto is ‘Succeed to serve, not serve to succeed’”. For the Corporate culture helped her create/support her company is Christianity based on ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ from Corinthians Chapter 13, verse 13 from the New Testament in the Bible. Faith: in God, in yourself, in your colleagues
Hope: in the future, in yourself, in the business we are growing
Love: the retail industry is a tough environment, so we need to love one another and love our customers, that is the best way for us to truly succeed, together.
These 3 things totally permeate the way we do things at MCM worldwide and have become our corporate culture. They are engrained in everything we do and how we behave. To help retain talent and stick to my principles, all my employees get health care and scholarship funds for their children.
So make a good welfare for employees also is the key of her success.
That is the analyze of MCM company

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