Preterite verbs and other Spanish words

1. list 5-10 regular AR preterite verbs with their definitions. Place brackets near those 5-10 listed Ar verbs and write the preterite endings for the regular Ar verbs. Do the same for the regular ER and IR verbs. Reme ber te regular ER and IR verbs have the same conjugation in the preterite.
2. List all the radical stem changing preterite verbs that appear on your hand out plus the verbs I added on the board – decir and traer which belong to the “j” group.
First write the infinitive of each radical stem changing verb then write the definition and then write the preterite stem. Put brackets near this list of verbs radical stem changing verbs and write the preterite conjugation for the stem changing verbs.
3. Create 5 sentences with 5 regular AR verbs in the preterite. You can use the verbs you already listed. Use a different pronoun for each of therbs so thatyou have covered each of the 5 endings for preterite AR verb;
4. Create 5 sentences with a combination of ER and IR verbs, (2 er verbs and 3 IR verbs or 3 ER verbs and 2 IR verbs. Again use each of the the 5 endings – One sentence in the yo form, one sentence in the informal you, one sentence in the third person singular etc.
5. Chose 10 radical stem changing verbs in the preterite and write a sentence in the preterite for each of these verbs. Because you are writing 10 sentences, you should have 2 verbs
in the preterite yo form, two sentences in the informal you, 2 sentences in the formal usted, 2 sentences in the nosotros form and 2 sentences in the third person plural.

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