Pride & Prejudice

143. Pride & Prejudice

Production Response Guidelines
Assignment: For one of the plays presented by Purdue Theatre this semester, you will write a production response after attending the play. Please note the submission dates below (late submissions will not be accepted):
The production response must be formatted in the following manner:
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12
Line Spacing: 1.5
Use the following 7 discussion points to formulate your response.
1. EXPECTATIONS: What were your expectations from this experience? Were you looking forward to attending the play or dreading it?
2. STORY: What is the story or plot? In five sentences or less, succinctly describe the plot or story of the play in your own words. Be certain to describe the given circumstances, complication, and climax of the play.
3. CHARACTER: Briefly describe your three favorite characters. How did you respond to each character? Did you indentify with the character (i.e. do you see any aspect of yourself in the character)?
4. IDEA: What were the major themes (a distinct, recurring, and unifying quality or idea) of the play? In other words, what message was the play trying to convey? How were the themes revealed to you?
5. MUSIC (Voice, Music, and Sound) AND SPECTACLE (Blocking, Design Elements) IN PERFORMANCE: What visual (what you saw) or aural (what you heard) choices made the most impact on you as an audience member? What choices were successful? What choices were unsuccessful?
6. SUBJECTIVE EVALUATION: What is your opinion of the play? Did you enjoy the play? Why or why not?
7. RECOMMENDATION: Would you recommend this play to others? Why or why not?

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