Primary/Secondary Documents Exercise

For this assignment, you are required to exam a short primary document and a secondary document (in this case, an article on a website.)
Here is the primary document:
Here is the website: (Links to an external site.)

Below are the details for this assignment. Other than the two sources above, you do not needany other resources (such as the textbook or outside sources)
Based on the supplied primary and secondary documents, write a four paragraph essay addressing the questions below

Primary source (1st paragraph)
Who are the authors and what are their backgrounds? (You only need to mention a couple of the people who signed the letter)
Who was the intended audience for this document?
What is the document about? What is the authors’ intent on writing this document?

Secondary source (2nd paragraph)
What is the author’s perspective on the subject?
What is the historical context in which the article was created? What may influenced what he or she wrote?
What is the intended audience: scholars, serious readers, or college-level audiences? What points is the author trying to make?
(Questions taken from A Student’s Guide to History, Jules R. Benjamin)

Comparative analysis: (3rd paragraph)
Is the author of the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ and the Project of the New American Century,” supportive of the PNAC positions? What evidence in the document leads you to this conclusion?

Speculative analysis: (4th paragraph)
Being speculative, how would you anticipate the authors of PNAC would respond to Bette Stockbauer’s article?

You will receive higher points if you write a well-constructed essay answering all parts of the questions.Use of direct and pertinent evidence from both documents.

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