-HomeworkAssignment #2            Due :May1


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                                                                                                                                                Inflation                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Grade_______________50 points


Find an article about the inflation rate.  Use the article you have found to fulfill the following instructions and questions.


  1. Print a copy (do not cut up newspapers or magazines) of the article on a letter-sized page. Attach this homework assignment page in front of the article.
  2. Use an arrow to indicate in the article which of the three indicators is being used (CPI, PPI, GDP deflator, or other price index).
  3. Underline a single statement in the article (not more than a sentence) that indicates whether the inflation rate is rising, remaining the same, or decreasing. There should be an index for previous months or years.
  4. Circle a statement (not more than a sentence) in the article about the media’s, market’s, or government’s interpretation of the numbers. (The statement should help with number 6 below.)  Collect the most recent 12 months of data on the inflation index (annual rate) and graph it on the following axes:  Percentage change on the vertical axis and month on the horizontal axis.











Data is most readily available in your library from the Survey of Current Business by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Economic Indicators Supplement, The Economic Report of the President, the Employment and Earnings Report, and The Consumer Price Index Report (last three by the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  Write down the source of your data:





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  1. On the basis of this data, do you agree with the interpretation that you circled for number 4 above? Explain your answer on the back of this page.