Process Recording #2

Make sure to use the template provided for you. You should have a social work skill (from the list provided for you), your thoughts and your feelings in every box for every part of the interaction in order to do a process recording properly. Each line (box) should have the dialogue in it. Please consult the resources provided for you. Process recording includes 10 pages of content Process recording has been checked for spelling, grammar, capitalization, word usage, and punctuation. It is easily readable. Process Recording Dialogue: SWK skills, feelings and thoughts are identified. Process recording template is used, all sections are completed fully: first page is detailed, summary page is 1 full page and identifies theory and intervention that applies to the interaction. Process recording provides evidence that the student is being mindful of interactions; thought process and emotional states are discernable and realistic. Student understands the importance of accurate reflection and is not just saying what they think professor wants to hear.

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