Professional Introduction

Topic 1 & 2: Education

Answer each of the 2 different topics with at least 600 words each, supported by at least 2 scholarly sources in current APA format. Additionally, you must integrate 1 biblical principle into your conclusions. Acceptable sources include the textbook, journal articles, the Bible, etc. (Wikipedia is not acceptable).
1) Topic: Professional Introduction
Prompt: Write about any teaching or administration experience you currently have (or have had in the past). Explain what types of assessments you use in your classroom and your reasoning for using them. For those who have never taught, recall a class from high school or college that you enjoyed and describe what assessments were used in that class. Provide support for why your selected assessments are effective. How might faith-based assessment strategies, as discussed in the Rasmussen and Rasmussen article, be used to make assessments more effective?
2) Topic: Learning Objectives
Prompt: Develop a set of 6 knowledge-level objectives for a unit for grades 6–8. Then, develop 6 objectives at a higher level (that is, NOT knowledge level) for grades 9–12. Refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy for cue words to include. Also, generate a rationale for using objectives and explain how they enhance the teaching/learning experience.

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