Progymnasmata: Introduction of Law

This progymnasmata will require you to write an argument either attacking or defending a law that has been enacted but has not yet gone into effect. Two states in the Northeast (Connecticut and Maine) have passed laws requiring all foods that have GM ingredients to be labeled as such. There is a catch, however. When CT passed its law, the text of the law says that it will only go into effect if four other states in the region also pass labeling laws. Alternatively, if the law is enacted in states that have a combined population of 20 million, the law goes into effect. Maine?s governor signed the bill into law in January of this year. So they need two more states to pass similar laws. Your job is to support or attack these label laws, and urge other New England states (Vermont, New Hampshire etc.) to enact laws in their states or to reject the attempts to pass a GM label law. Your arguments, for or against, should broadly consider whether this will be just, expedient (meaning suitable for achieving a particular end), and practical. You may set up your argument to cover at least two of these approaches, if not all three. In the introductory paragraph, make sure to explain what a GM label law does, and why you are attacking or defending it. I would like the paper to defend GM label law.

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