Project 2 is a formal research paper that requires you to examine a historical event, issue, or person related in some way to one of the two World Wars and how this event, issue, or person impacted the ensuing decades of world history that followed. In Module 2, you chose a topic for your project and developed a short summary, an outline, and an annotated bibliography of 3-4 relevant sources. (I chose Douglas MacArthur) Now, you are responsible for building upon your proposal through the completion of Project 2. The topic should focus on a historical event, a historical person, or historical issue that had lasting importance and influence. It should address the outcome in terms of how the event, person or issue led to differences in perspectives in the world today. If you have questions about a suitable topic or about any other details of the project, be sure to consult me as soon as possible. Your Paper: Your paper should have at least 6-8 outside sources, cited and referenced in either Chicago/Turabian or APA format. It should be 5-7 pages long, excluding the title page and references. It should also include: An introduction and thesis statement. A body that develops your ideas and provides support for them. A conclusion that synthesizes and summarizes your main points.

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