Project Design


Please design a handout that can be shared with classroom teachers as a resource for effective ELL strategies. You need to choose at least three strategies and create a tool for teachers to use as a resource. This tool should include:

• Strategy name

• Description in your own words

• Target skills/ and or age level

• How/why it supports ELLs

• Reasons you recommend (strengths)

You are welcome to make present this in any way that you feel would be helpful and easily accessible for teachers. This could be a pamphlet, a handout, a table, a chart, etc. A sample is attached as a resource.

Strategies to encourage active involvement:

1. Learning centers: extending learning through hands-on practice

2. Multiple intelligences strategies: teaching and testing to student-preferred learning modes

Strategies for language development:

3. Leveled questions: adjusting questioning strategies to the language levels of students

4. Collecting and processing words: making vocabulary your own

5. Language framework planning: supporting academic language and content acquisition


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