Project Management Approach


87. Project Management Approach

Assume a scenario in which you have been hired as a consultant by an organisation that manages its many projects using the traditional project management approach. This organisation has reached a maturity level at which sets of well-defined and fully documented processes are in place and followed, but remain subject to occasional improvements over time. However, the Chief Information Officer of the organisation has expressed concern regarding the use of the traditional approach due to recent performance issues and setbacks as the client had requested several changes during the life of the project and now perceives the organisation to be unable to deliver as promised. The CIO has given you the mandate to analyse the traditional approach currently adopted by the organisation and make recommendations on how to best proceed in the future.
As a fully qualified and recognised professional in the field, you have collected all of the data required for your analysis, liaised with the various project managers currently on staff, performed a thorough and rigorous review, analysed the data, and as such, are now ready to recommend a future course of action. You are convinced that the major projects of this organisation must use the Adaptive Project Framework approach, which would enable projects to be completed more quickly, at less cost, and with better results. You want to ensure that the CIO, along with the rest of the executive team, will accept your recommendations.
Write a strategic recommendation in which you suggest introducing and implementing the Adaptive Project Framework approach in this organisation. Highlight obstacles that may be encountered when adopting this framework and propose how they would be overcome.
Please make sure that you cite and reference all your outside sources properly, as per the Harvard Referencing System.

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