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Learning Team Assignment: Project Schedule and Performance Measurement


Purpose of Assignment


This final assignment is to build a project schedule using the WBS developed in Week 4, and provide an explanation of how Earned Value can be used to measure project performance.

Grading Guide

Content and Organization 70 Percent Percent Earned: Percent Possible: Comments:
This assignment is split into two parts:

1)  A project schedule derived from the WBS developed in week 4.

2) A 300 word paper that outlines how the team will measure project progress and performance using Earned Value.

The team uses the work breakdown structure (WBS) from week 4 to create a project schedule for the Garage project and adds duration, start and finish dates, predecessors, and milestones. The tasks listed are organized into the phases of a project lifecycle, and are decomposed to suit the work at hand (at least 30 to 35 individual tasks). 35.00% 35.00%
The measurement plan describes the principles of Earned Value measurement using terms a non-project professional, like the project sponsor, can understand. 15.00% 15.00%
The paper includes examples that illustrate the meaning of both positive and negative Schedule Performance and Cost Performance indices (SPI and CPI). 10.00% 10.00%  
The team describes how changes to the project scope can impact the Earned Value Schedule and Cost baselines. 10.00% 10.00%  



Readability and  Mechanics – 30 Percent Percent Earned: Percent Possible: Comments: 
Dependencies are used to determine start and finish dates of most work packages (AKA tasks). In other words, tasks do not use “hard set” dates, but begin when predecessors finish. 10.00% 10.00%
Task descriptions are clear and unambiguous, and include both a noun and a verb. 10.00% 10.00%
The paper—including tables and graphs, headings, title page, and reference page—is consistent with APA formatting guidelines and meets course-level requirements. 5.00% 5.00%  
Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page. 5.00% 5.00%
An electronic copy of schedule in Microsoft Project format must be submitted.    
Total 100 Percent Percent Earned: Percent Possible: Comments:
  100.00% 100.00%  
Deduction for late paper (if applicable)      
Points Possible Percent Earned    x Points Possible   Points earned:
10 100.00%   10.00


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