*THE project will be a PowerPoint presentation which includes a complete transcription in the notes section. This module/week, you will submit the transcript of exactly what you will say for the PowerPoint presentation and provide the agenda you will give to those in attendance.
For the first part of the project, you will COMPLETEA script concerning the details of the gifted program Autonomus Model paper.Your transcript must give a detailed discussion (the script) of what you intend to present in your PowerPoint and how long you will be discussing each point (e.g., 2:00–3:10, etc.).
Your time increments for the entirepresentation must equal about 30-35 minutes total. This includes the transcription for each slide (at least 20 slides to be completed. This is not including title and reference slides), time for the audience to process what is presented on the slide (should be related to what is in the transcription or an extension to continue to make a point or give the audience something to remember about what is being said), and any activities the audience will be asked to do as part of the presentation.
Please review the directions for the final part of the presentation along with this to make sure all requirements are met.
By preparing the transcript ahead of time, good choices can be made for what is presented on thePowerPoint slides. Be sure to provide citations to give credit for ideas you are using in the transcript and include a reference page.
This assignment also requires the creation of anagenda for your PowerPoint Model Adoptionproposal. The agenda mustincludeany interaction you plan to have with the audience and any additional comments you would like to make that will not be presented through the slides. It is a good idea to provide a time for questions and even a brief activity to engage the audience in your presentation.
Think of the agenda as what is given to the audience. It must be in a format that allows them to see an overview of the presentation, allows note taking, and to use as a reminder of the presentation itself.
For the PowerPoint Proposal, you will submit a 20+ slide media presentation (not including the title and reference slides)of the gifted program model from our course that you wish to “sell” to a school system. The presentation will be used to introduce, explain, instruct, sell, and defend one model to be adopted by a school system. Pretend you are trying to actually persuade the school system to adopt this model and address each of the following areas:
• Why do you consider this the best model for that particular school?
• Is it cost effective for their schools?
• What instructional methods will be used?
• How does this incorporate character education?
Includea slide that lists at least 5 references in current APA format.
create a transcript (some call them speakers’ notes) that will fit right into the notes part of the PPT you are creating in part 2 of the project.
You are also being asked to provide an agenda which can be submitted as the same document as the transcript.
The agenda is a very simple example and I would encourage you to include more detail, as that did not earn all of the possible points.
You are being asked to use at least 5 references, but you can use more- especially if you are combining two models to serve your schools.
Between the transcript notes and the ppt- you should have at least 30 citations (giving credit for either ideas or direct quotes or if you are using a chart you found online etc…). This should be pretty easy.
you are using the research AUTONOMUS MODELATTACHED completed to create a complete and fully researched program/presentation that you can give to members of your school or school board in support of a model or a combination of models that will best serve the gifted students in your area. This is the perfect way to showcase how one or a combination of models best fit a school or your system’s needs. Speak with facts!
This is not a copy and paste FROM THE AUTONOMUS MODEL PAPER, but that info should be crafted to best engage and inform those who might attend your presentation. You can also add info that may not have fit in the paper, but would for the presentation.
Be creative! For THE PPT- do not put too much text on one slide…keep it interesting! We have all been put to sleep by people simply reading off of the PowerPoints that are nothing but text.

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