Proposal of 2 paper

6. Proposal of 2 paper


Assignment Instructions:
Please complete the attached "brief" listing topics for
the first two major assignments in this class. This should include a
general brainstorm list, an indication of
sources you consulted and, 2 proposals for a proposition of
fact paper and 2 proposals for a proposition of value
paper You will need to include a correctly formatted piece
of evidence that would serve as grounds supporting a claim for each
proposition. You probably need to devote at least4 hours to this
This assignment will provide me with an initial
indication of your thinking and research abilities. Your
choices will also provide me with an initial impression
of who you are as a student and what may interest or
stimulate you in terms of issues. (domestic,
international, economic, arts, etc)
While a bibliography is not required, doing some
background research and finding some evidence to support
your proposition is necessary and will help you
make choices. (see below )Please check off the
sources you consulted in selecting your topic areas.
The best place to start is probably with a thorough
reading of the proposition of fact and value assignments
listed in the "assignments" section of this web site. I will be
glad to answer questions about these assignments in class, in my
office, or by phone.
This portion of the assignment will probably take about
1/2 hour to 45 minutes.
Reread Chapter 2 and chapter 3 This will take 1/2 to 1
Next, try to brainstorm a possible list of topic areas and
topics based upon your own knowledge and interests.
Make this a "working list" that you can change and
adapt as you go along. This list of general topic areas
can also be based on discussions with friends,
teachers, etc. Take a look around you and see what
you are interested in. What magazines do you
subscribe to? What is your major? Favorite subject?
Where have you traveled? What are
your hobbies and what do you know a lot about?
Answers to these questions may provide the basis for
one or more of the papers you will write.
(1/2 hour )
You will also want to expand your list of topics by doing
some background research through the investigation of
the following:
You should look at some of the links listed in the
"favorite links" section of my website. Many will provide
you with a rich list of potential topics for the first and second
papers. These sites are most easily accessed
through my site – try some of the following on the "links"
page:,, SAU
Library Topics, and, Yahoo Controversies list. These
sites will provide you with controversies that you may
not have initially considered. This will result in an
expanded list. However the topic areas will still be
somewhat general. (1 hour)
At this point, you are ready to cut your list down to
some solid possibilities and to narrow your
propositions. Try the OCC Library online electronic research pages
and see the Opposing Viwpoints series. These are "pro/con" approaches
to current controversies. It is rich in topics for these assignments.
The value of these resources is two-fold. First, they narrow the
topics to some specific questions rather than general areas. Next,
they provide specific articles that can help you "jump-start" your
reasoning and research. This is also a good place to find some
evidence to support the propositions.
Remember you need at least 2 carefully worded propositions for each
type of proposition. You also need a correctly formatted piece of
evidence for each proposition you create. (1 hour, including online
research, revising
wording on topics)
I realize that these topics probably won’t be set in
concrete and my still be tentative. I will also provide
you with some feedback on your choices.
(Format: copy this sheet or make one like it.)
Class and Hour!
Part 1 (Check as appropriate)
____I have read the proposition of fact, and value
assignment pages on Norm’s website.
_____I have read chapter two and three.
Part two: (fill in) Initial brainstorm list of general
(example: education, taxes,drugs in sports, etc.)
Please check sources you visited through the links
section of my website to start to narrow your topic
_____Public Agenda
_____SAU Topics list
_____Yahoo Controversies List
Add-ons to brainstorming list after visiting these sites.
(new topics, examples: deforestation, zoo abuses,
music censorship)
Titles of articles I consulted in "Opposing Viewpoints" online in the library to help narrow topics.
Based upon my initial brainstorming and research I am
interested in arguing the following two propositions of
Based upon my initial brainstorming and research I am
interested in arguing the following two propositions of
I have met these standards for each proposition.
______Fact =existence/non existence or causality
______Value=Good/Bad or superior/inferior
I have avoided
_____ lack of controversy
_____ over generalization
_____ emotional language,
_____overly vague or general "personal" policies i.e.
"we should be good to one another.
Wording: I have included
_____ only one central idea
_____ neutral terms
_____ no more than nine words
You also need to provide a single piece of evidence for
each proposition:
The following piece of evidence supports my first
proposition of fact:
(Please include the following: An attribution: This
should include the following: Author’s name; last and
first, Title of article, Source, Date, page, electronic
address if source was found on the web.
A brief direct quote from the article.
Bhatt,Nitiin, Painter,Gary, Yang-Tan,Shui "Can
Microcredit Work in the United States?" Harvard
Business Review November/December 1999 P. 134
"In the past few decades, microcredit
programs have been used throughout the Third World
to promote grassroots entrepreneurship. The
programs, which provide small-business loans of as
little as $50, have helped literally millions of
low-income people improve their material well-being.
The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, for example, has
disbursed a total of more than $1.5 billion to about 2.4
million borrowers, with a default rate of less than 3%.
Such figures have helped to convince many that poor
people aren’t necessarily bad credit risks."
Each topic should be supported by one piece of evidence.
Standards for grading this assignment:
completeness of each section
level of controversy
research process

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