Psychological Phenomenon on Reverse Psychology


Write a 15-20 page paper exploring the theoretical and research literature on this topic. Be sure you address the following questions in your discussion.

What phenomenon have you selected and what is its significance/relevance to you?
How has the operational definition of this phenomenon evolved over time in the literature? What factors shaped this evolution?
What theoretical perspective currently dominate the literature on this topic? What has led to the dominance of these perspectives? What strengths and weaknesses do these theoretical perspectives bring to the understanding of this phenomenon?
What directions do you anticipate the empirical research on this phenomenon will take in the future, and why?

Be sure to include at least 10 scholarly articles published in peer-reviewed psychological journals among the references you cite in your paper.At least five of these must be about original empirical research (not reviewing others’ work). You may not use secondary sources nor direct quotations in this paper. Be sure to follow APA guidelines for the content, formatting, and citation of sources in your paper.


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