Psychology Application Activity II

Personality Measures
In psychology, we use several well-substantiated tests to measure personality traits. One such test is the Big Five Personality Test. The following website provides a great description of the test: Tests like the Big 5 have also influenced more mainstream/popular aspects of life, including social media. It is rare to explore your Facebook newsfeed and not see some test touting to be able to determine which celebrity would be your true soul mate or which character from some popular movie/TV show you would be. These quizzes, while completely silly, are influenced by real personality tests used by psychologists in research and clinical applications. The common pseudoscience of match-making is also based, in part, on assessments of personality types; your second PA2 is centered around this concept.
Step 1: Take the Big 5 Personality Test (go to to take the test). OR the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (go to to take a version of the test). Read the results you receive carefully.
Step 2: Go to the following site,, find your astrological sign, then click on the sign and read the information provided.
Step 3: In a double-spaced, one and one-half (1 ½) to two (2) page paper, answer the following questions (12 point Times New Roman or Arial font):
1) What were the results of the actual personality test? Both tests provide you with a personality type, so tell me what that type was and what it means to be that type.
2) Do you agree or disagree with those results (i.e. do you think it is an accurate depiction of your personality)? Why or why not?
3) What does your astrological sign mean, according to the website?
4) Does your astrological sign accurately describe your personality? Why or why not?
5) How do the results of the personality test you took relate to the description of your astrological sign? Are they similar or different? How are they similar or different?
The paper will be due via Sakai on Tuesday, November 24th by 10 p.m.

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